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About Us

History and Philosophy

Ten Thousand Waves is dedicated to providing a Japanese sense of serenity and relaxation. Everything we do from the gardens to the woodwork, from the therapies to the therapists has been constantly and thoughtfully refined over the last 34 years. We pride ourselves on being "real". We offer a unique 'Japanese-adobe' esthetic, combining the traditional with state-of-the-art technology.

Our humble beginning was a small bathhouse, eight outdoor hot tubs, and one massage room back in 1981. The emphasis then, as it is now, was on the salutary effects of hot water in the Japanese tradition.

Historically Americans have always treated spas as a place to get something done, be it to lose weight, stop smoking, or cure TB. In the Europeans Kur tradition, spas are places to go if you're sick; you often need a prescription. The Scandinavians use their spas to get warm.

The Japanese, however, go to their traditional spas--onsen and sento--to have a good time (often in a beautiful place), and that's what we relate to at Ten Thousand Waves. Certainly, they use hot water to achieve all the goals above, but bathing is mostly about winding down from the day, meeting friends, taking time off with the family, and relaxing. The other health benefits are bonuses.

Ten Thousand Waves is much more than just bathing, but all our massages, spa treatments, and skin care regimens are designed to complement that amazing feeling of release that occurs when we settle into a big pool of hot water.


From out-of-state, most of our guests fly into the Albuquerque airport, about an hour-and-a-half drive to Ten Thousand Waves. Recently, however, a number of airlines have added direct flights to the Santa Fe airport. Most people find a car convenient to get around Santa Fe, notorious for its lack of public transportation and dependence on a single taxi company. For directions and map, see the link below. MANY INTERNET & GPS MAPPINGS ARE INCORRECT. We suggest you use our directions rather than relying on Google maps or a GPS. To use a GPS, enter our co-ordinates--Latitude: 35.711570, Longitude: -105.8974493451

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Hours of Operation

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There is plenty of parking at street level, and limited additional parking at the spa level, approximately 60 vertical feet higher. Those with physical limitations should consider the upper lot, or our shuttle service. There is a call box for the shuttle in the main parking lot, in front of the lodging office, and on the access road to izanami. The walk from the lower lot, however, is very pleasant and provides a good transition from your busy day to the tranquility of Ten Thousand Waves. Passengers may be dropped off at the spa entrance. There are two handicap spots very close to the front door.

Lodging guests should follow the signs to the lodging office where we will direct you to parking adjacent to your room.