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  • Addresses underlying physical issues, as well as being a great relaxing massage


Masters Massage (80-minutes) $189

Masters Massage Trial Size (50-minutes) $129

Masters Massage

Of all the outstanding therapists on our staff of 125, only a select dozen have met our demanding criteria and have made themselves available for the Masters Massage program. They:

  • Are truly world-class
  • Average 20 years of professional experience each. Fully a third of them have been practicing massage for 30 to 40 years!
  • Have insatiable curiosity and passion for understanding the body
  • Get great satisfaction from using this knowledge for the benefit of our guests
  • Receive frequent guest requests
  • Constantly strive to expand their considerable mastery of bodywork.
  • Use unique non-traditional techniques

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Preparing for Your Massage

'Thank you for the incredible massage while I visited your spa. The specific treatment for my persistent carpal tunnel problem was amazingly effective. '

'I had a master's massage with Wayne. It was one of the best treatments I've ever had. He did an especially superb job of freeing my neck from the clutches of my upper body, and opening up a compressed spine. I felt like a turtle who rediscovers neck life outside the shell! '

' I had my second master’s massage done by the same masseur 4 years between visits, Gyana, and it was heavenly. Thank you, thank you.'

'Lee is incredible and a 'must have' when you visit Ten Thousand Waves. '

'My massage with Philip was truly exceptional. His awareness of multiple levels of consciousness - physical and spiritual - allowed his massage to leave a deep impression on me. I am so grateful. '

' I have had massages for 30 years and Bernard was the best ever. I am blessed to have been on his table. '