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Complete Japanese Organic Massage Facial includes:

  • thorough cleansing and exfoliation
  • neck and shoulder massage to improve blood flow
  • Japanese facial massage to focus on creating lift and stimulating lymph drainage
  • enzyme peel for brightening and lightening
  • extractions if needed
  • moisturizer to leave the skin toned and glowing with health
  • 100% organic, natural, chemical and preservative free products
Deluxe Japanese Organic Massage Facial includes:

  • all the steps of the Complete Facial above PLUS
  • an extended Japanese facial massage for wrinkle reduction and deep muscle release
  • a customized serum and masque
  • hand and arm massage
  • cooling jade stone rollers to detoxify and balance


  • Complete Japanese Organic Massage Facial
    $135 (50 minutes)
  • Deluxe Japanese Organic Massage Facial
    $179 (80 minutes)
  • CryoStem Cell Treatment
    $79 (15-minute add-on to either of the above)
  • Lactic or Glycolic Peel Add-on
    $20 (to either of the above)

Japanese Organic Massage Facials

Traditional Japanese facial massage is incorporated into every step of the treatment. From cleansing and exfoliation to masque and moisturizing, you receive a real massage, not just application of product.

The skin is lifted, tension is released, blood flow is increased, and toxins in the neck and face are removed by means of light fast strokes, kneading, and percussive techniques.

This energizing, yet deeply relaxing facial is combined with DNA Health Institute organic skincare products to hydrate and heal the skin. It is unique to Ten Thousand Waves and feels different from any facial you have received before.

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'Initially, I saw no difference in my skin from the new stem cell treatment. However, in about 4-6 days I noticed a slight improvement of skin quality on the forehead and around the eyes. The lines did not seem as deep as normal. The skin on the cheeks and neck was very soft and supple which is what I like about the Japanese facials. After 2 weeks my face still looks better than it did when I entered the spa. I can imagine what a series of treatments might do. '

'The cryo stem treatment was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was expecting a cleaner, healthier looking skin at the end. What I saw in the mirror was so much more! I looked younger and more vibrant and the feeling of my skin was dewy soft. I recommend it to anyone looking for that something extra. What an incredible experience!'

'I wanted to let you know how wonderful my first time spa treatment was. I really loved my facial with Ginnie; I am still loving the effects from the cryostem cell treatment. '

'I have seen great improvements in my skin this week since having the Cryopeel treatment. I don't see smile lines in the corners of my eyes as much and the surface of my skin is so smooth and healthy feeling. This treatment is fantastic! '