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  • Offered in the beautiful Pagodas
  • Not recommended for the very modest, due to limited draping
  • Although only 50-minutes, it feels much longer


Four Hands Massage (50-minutes) $179

Four Hands Massage

Two therapists dance in unison, hands and arms flowing over your body like the ocean. You lose track of where you are, mental chatter disappears, your mind and body are set free. It is an extraordinary, over-the-top experience.

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'The Four Hands massage by Pascal and Brigitte was absolutely the best spa experience of my life, completely unique and extraordinarily well performed. The effect was long-lasting and very meaningful to me. I'm very grateful to have experienced it. ...will definitely bring us back to Ten Thousand Waves'

'Although my wife and I experienced several of the treatments and spa experiences, our favorite was the four hands massage with Consuelo and Kala. Both were terrific...I mean terrific. '