Ten Thousand Waves Lantern


  • Six-foot diameter teak tub
  • 104-106 degrees F.
  • Shaded deck
  • Accommodates six


$33 per person (55-minutes)



Kobuta faces uphill and down valley. It has beautiful Japanese wood detailing. The word means 'piglet' in Japanese. When we first opened in 1981, our neighbor was displeased that a Japanese bathhouse was locating next door. As retaliation, he built a pigpen six feet away from this tub and stocked it with a dozen baby pigs.

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'What a most perfect experience. The powder snow falling on our faces, as the warm waters and peaceful quiet restored our bodies and souls. It was picture perfect!!!!!!!'

'I love this bath! Private, intimate, and a great cold plunge with amazing stars overhead! This was suggested as a "romantic" by the front desk and it TRULY is! '